About Xmaran

Inspired by Marshall Savage's The Millennial Project , Xmaran was conceived in 2009 by Greg Vialle and is currently under development here at Xmaran.org. Xmaran is a project, a design, a boat, a community.


The Xmaran project involving a full systems design process applied in an Open Source environment. Open source projects have traditional roots in software development, so Open Source project management methodologies are still evolving for hardware development.

Xmaran Design

The intent of Xmaran is to make the use of the designs developed herein free to anyone. You are free to modify these designs, but must acknowledge the source. This allows customization while maintaining system compatibility. You may not patent or attempt to patent any of the designs found herein.


Making Xmaran Open Source enables anyone to build, manufacture, and sell Xmarans. We are currently in the design phase, but will be looking to build prototypes soon, first as scale models, then as full scale prototypes. In the meantime, some components can be sea tested on other vessels.


Because this project is Open Source, it taps the wisdom and creativity of the collective public, and all contributors are intellectual owners of the Xmaran design. If you have ideas on how to make Xmaran better, then we need you!

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