General Design

The Xmaran deck plan incorporates 6-fold symmetry, so it is convenient to utilize a coordinate system based at the geometric center, C. Thus, x=0 coordinates will fall on the global centerline, with x>0 denoting starboard, and x<0 port. Similarly, y>0 will denote forward and y<0 aft. The z coordinates will start from the top of the main deck (positive upwards).

With this symmetry, all of the dimensions are then dependent upon one parameter. We have designated the length? (L) to be the independent parameter and are designing for L=12m, so that every side and the distance from center to any given corner will be 6m. The beam (B) will then be 10.392m and coordinates for significant points are given in the nomenclature table. The preferred units for drawings are cm-kg-s.

Deck Layout

Xmaran coordinate system and nomenclature
Location x (cm) y (cm)
CCenter 0 0
FForward/Bow 0 600
AAft/Stern 0 -600
PAPort Aft -520 -300
PFPort Forward -520 300
SAStarboard Aft 520 -300
SFStarboard Forward 520 300

For now we should focus design efforts around the things that are specific to Xmaran and have not necessarily been developed elsewhere. Items that are especially design intensive and proprietary fall into the COTS? category. Some of these things can be later selected for open source development. Instrumentation largely falls into this category. If there is already a large degree of standardization and components can be readily fabricated or procured anywhere in the world, then it is a good candidate for COTS?. Anchors fall into this category. If there is sufficient variety and competition to keep parts inexpensive, but allow builders a range of quality and customization, then COTS? is a good solution. Masts may be in this category, certainly fittings (winches, etc) will be in this category.


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