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Orthographic views of Xmaran

Welcome to the Xmaran community site. Xmaran is a project to design and build an open source sail cruiser that will form the basis for a modular floating community.

Why leave the land?

Earth is misnamed; more than 70% of it is ocean! Most of the land is already settled, so the ocean is the last frontier on the planet. Opportunity abounds if we can utilize the vast resources of the ocean, instead of using it as a dump.

Why hexagonal?

Hexagons are area filling shapes, so they can be tiled over a surface. Since the point of the Xmaran is to raft up and form independent offshore communities, this shape is ideal for modularity.

Also, the hexagonal plan lends itself well to a trimaran design, which is proven for stability and livability. Well designed triple hull watercraft are virtually unsinkable.

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